Ross Mixer DPM-100 Series III

Ross Mixer DPM-100
Ross Mixer DPM-100
Ross Mixer DPM-100
Ross Mixer DPM-100

Part Number: DPM-100 Series III
Description: Double planetary mixers are ideal for low shear processing of viscous materials, 100 Gallon, Vacuum design, jacketed stainless steel mix vessel, and a standard air/oil hydraulic lift to raise and lower agitators are featured. Included are rectangular blades
Manufacturer: Charles Ross & Son Company.
Condition: Used in Good Working Condition.
Motor: 20HP, 230/460 VAC, 1760 RPM, 48/24A
Serial No.: 102924
Price in USD: $59,000.00

Sumitomo Machinery, Inc. SD30-C110


Part Number: DRD2 SD30 C110
Description: DRD2 SD30 C110, Injection Molding Machine.
Manufacturer: Sumitomo Machinery, Inc.
Condition: Used in Good Working Condition.
30 Ton Injection Molding Machine Model #SH50A-C110
Serial #MOWG1548
Year: 2000
Heater: 4.8 KW Heater Power
Motor: 15 KW
Volts: 380 VAC, 3 Phase, 60 Hz
Price in USD: $7,900.00

Chip Level Buffer


Part Number: Chip Level Buffer
Manufacturer: Custom
Condition: Used
Serial Number: N/A
Product Type : Chip Level Buffer
Shipping Weight: 20 lb
Description: Chip level buffer slightly used in very good condition.
Price: US $165.00